Thursday, September 15, 2016

Interim order in O.A. No. 512/2009

Interim order in O.A. No. 512/2009  (4) 26.02.2013
Applicant by Shri P. J. Prasadrao, Learned Counsel. Respondents by Shri R. R. Shetty, Learned Counsel. 2. The respondents had filed M.A. No. 41/2013 on which certain directions were given as per the Daily Order Sheet dated 23.01.2013.  The respondents have now filed affidavit dated 23.02.2013 submitting that they have issued the necessary order dated 19.02.2013, annexed to the affidavit, whereby the sanction of the President to implement the order of Central Administrative Tribunal dated 19.04.2011 has been communicated.  Para 2 of the order gives further instructions to actually work out the details payable to the applicant duly supported by Audit Report from PCDA, SC, Pune, for processing a separate sanction and for getting the charged expenditure noted by MoD/Fin(Bud) before releasing the amount. The order clarifies that the actual payment shall be released after all these are complete. 3. In view of this, through the affidavit filed by the respondents they make a prayer to grant time up to 31.05.2013.   In view of the first step having been completed by Respondent No. 1, the time up to 31.05.2013, as prayed for is allowed. M.A. is allowed. Respondents No. 2, 3 and 4 will ensure that all the required formalities, as detailed in para 2 of the sanction order dated 19.02.2013, are completed before 15.04.2013 and the payment is actually received by the applicant before 31.05.2013. The Learned Counsel for respondents also undertakes to ensure that a copy of the order dated 19.02.2013 is given
to the present applicant within seven days, which the respondents have not done so far. 4. Call on 10.06.2013.  Copy of this order be given to the parties.
(Smt. Chameli Majumdar)    (Smt. Leena Mehendale)       Member (J) Member (A)

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