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OA No.82 OF 2010 on 2nd MARCH, 2011


          ORIGINAL  APPLICATION No.82 OF 2010



HON'BLE SHRI V. AJAY KUMAR           ...                MEMBER (J)
1. S. Chidambaram,
   S/o E. Subbaiah,
   Aged about 71 years,
   Retd. Senior Loco Inspector,
   South Western Railway, Hubli Zone,
   Hubli and R/at Subha, TC-19/1129(i)
   Thamalam, Poojappura-PO,

2. Raghavendra Govind Joshi,
   S/o Govind Joshi,
   aged about 69 years,
   Retd. Senior Loco Inspector,
   South Western Railway, Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   Now R/at No.14, Jyothi Colony,
   Sainagar, Hubli – 31.

3. V. Kannan, S/o V. Raman,
   aged about 66 years,
   Junior Loco Inspector (Retd),
   South Western Railway, Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   Now R./at Meethal House, P.O. Bekal,
   Thiruvakkoli, Kasargod.

4. Madhukar Govind Kalghatgi,
   S/o Madhukar Govind,
   aged about 72 years,
   Retd. Loco Inspector (Sr.),
   South Western Railway, Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   Now R/at Gurudev Apartment, G-Floor 3,
   Jeelabichouk, Miraj.
5. S. Sreedhar Nair,
   S/o K.P. Shnkar Paniker,
   aged about 73 years,
   Retd. Senior Loco Inspector,
   South Western Railway,   Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   Now R/at Mullakal House,  Nydavoor P.o.,
   Murattapuzha, Kerala.

- 2 -

6. R. Ramachandrappa,
   S/o Late Rangappa, aged about 66 years,
   Retd. SLI, SWR, Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   Now R/o No.102, Gayathri Nilaya,
   New Badaminagar, Keshavapur, Hubli.

7. S.V. Mummigatti,
   S/o Veerabhadrappa,  aged about 72 years,
   Retd. Sr. Locl Inspector, SWR, Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   Now R/at H.No.1, KHB Colony, Subhashnagar,
   Keshavapur, Hubli.

8. N.S. Kaveri, S/o S.V. Kaveri,
   aged about 70 years, Retd. Sr. Loco Inspector,
   SWR, Hubli Zone, Hubli,
   No.35, 1st  Main Road, Dattatreyanagar,
   Hoskere Halli , BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore-81.

9. M.B. Giriyalkar, S/o Basavant,
   Aged about 61 years,
   R/o Khanagoan Khurd Post, Shivajinagar,
   Taluk: Belgaum, Karnataka.

10. K. Chandran, S/o P. Kunju,
    aged about 65 years,
    R/o C/o B.N. Veroor,
    H.No.87/9, Madhavanagar,
    Post: Vijayangar, Hubli.

11. Gopalakrishna Pillai,
    S/o R.Govinda Pillai,
    aged about 64 years,
    R/o Anugraha, Near Panchayat Office,
    Thrikodi Kanam Post, Changacherry.

12. D. Cheluvaraj, S/o Doreswamy,
    aged about 66 years,
    R/o St. Anthony Nilaya,
    Dr. Shivapur House, Vivekanagar Road,
    Masari Gadag.

13. R. Kunnuswamy, S/o Gangaswamy,
    Aged about 66 years,
    1/430-1, Behind Govt. High School,
    Palayakottai Post, Tirupur District.             ...                     Applicants

(By Advocate Shri M.R. Achar)

- 3 -

1. Union of India,
   Rep. By General Manager,
   South Western Railway,

2. The Senior Divisional Personnel Officer,
   South Western Railway
   Hubli Division, Hubli.

3. The General Manager,
   Central Railway,

4. Senior Divisional Personnel Officer,
   Central Railway, Pune Division,
   Pune.                                                            ...                                 Respondents

(By Advocate Shri N.S. Prasad, Sr. Standing Counsel for Railways)


Hon'ble Smt. Leena Mehendale, Member (A) :

            This O.A. is filed under Section 19 of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985, on 8.1.2010.  The thirteen applicants working in the Department of Railways, who are seeking the payment of running allowance to be treated as basic pay and accordingly revise and refix their pension by taking into consideration all the consequential benefits. 

2.                  All the applicants have retired on different dates in the past.  The youngest one of them is about 61 years and the oldest one is about 73 years.  On the date of hearing both the cunsels were present and they fairly submitted that this Tribunal has earlier disposed of a similar case in O.A.269/2009 which in turn was based on the judgment in another similar case in O.A. No.1273/2005 decide by the Principal Bench of this Tribunal.  In both the above cases, this Bench and the Principal Bench have upheld the prayer of the applicants.  The prayer in the present O.A. is also on similar facts and same grounds.
- 4 -
3.                  Both the counsels admit to this.  It was further brought to the notice by the learned counsel for the respondents that the judgment of the Principal Bench was upheld by the Delhi High Court in W.P. No.2937/2007 on 18.09.2008, but an appeal has been filed against the same before the Hon'ble Supreme Court in SLP No.11808/2009.  Both the counsels therefore, have no objection to dispose of this matter granting the benefit to the applicants, but subject to the final decision of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

4.         Accordingly, the OA is allowed as above.  No order as to costs.

            (V. AJAY KUMAR)                                                   (LEENA MEHENDALE)
                 MEMBER (J)                                                                     MEMBER (A)


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